Bridges International is a caring community of Christ-followers committed to serve, promote social connections and engage in spiritual conversations with international students so that students become leaders internationally.


Relationships are an essential part of your life. We know it can be hard to make friends when you transition to life in America. We can help you make friends from all over the world and enjoy your time in the U.S.


Do you want to practice your English? Do you need a ride to a local store? Do you need some new furniture? We can help you!


We desire to create a safe space for students to ask the hard life questions and provide resources. Who is God? What is the purpose of life? What does the Bible have to say?

“Bridges International is a family with a purpose to serve the international student community in every possible way that it can and I am glad to be a part of it.”

Akshata, Grad Student, University of Pennsylvania

“I have lived overseas myself and know how difficult it is to move to a new place.”

Hannah, Bridges Staff, Philadelphia

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