Be a part of the lives of students from around the world!


This video shows the strategic nature of reaching international students


Help Wanted

Thank you for your interest in serving the best and the brightest from around the world with the love Christ gave us!

1) Hosting involves having a pair of international students over to your home. This is called “Dinner with (new) friends.” The need is greatest for the first couple months of school, but we could use help throughout the year. We do ask that for the first meeting, you offer to pick them off and drop them off, though they may be able to walk/drive. To sign up, click here.

More information and a how-to guide is here or email phillybridges@gmail.com.

2) Sharing about your field
Our international students are seeking professions in nearly every field. Perhaps you could meet with a student from your profession for coffee to share with them how your relationship with Christ influences your work. Making these connections could have a lasting impact on these students’ walk with God or pursuit of knowing Him personally.

More information/ a how-to guide is here. Click here to sign up.



If you would like to hear in greater detail about this ministry. Please email us at phillybridges@gmail.com and we would to set up a time to talk in person or over the phone.

If you would like to receive our monthly prayer letter, let me know that as well.

If you would to give to give to the Philly Bridges click there. Thank you.

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