Making the best years of your life even better. Many people look back at their college years as the best of their life. When else in life can you decide at 1 o’clock in the morning that you should head to the beach (called the shore in the Philly area) or have friends from widely different backgrounds as yourself?

We would love to introduce you the fun and interesting people we know around the area. Below are some activities you might be interested in.

Dinner in an American Home. One of the best ways to understand American culture is to have dinner in an American home. Email Dave at phillybridges@gmail.com to sign up or receive more info.

Getting to know other undergrad clubs. You will have a blast with Penn Students for Christ or Drexel CRU. Studying at a different school? Email Dave!

Service opportunities. Isn’t it weird that life is found when we give it away? Check the calendar for opportunities such as building homes for the homeless (no skill required) or serving the less fortunate.

Preparing for life post college. Learn from professionals in your field on how to excel and keep your values at the same time. Check the calendar for upcoming events.

The above are just a sampling. Check out the calendar as well as the grad page

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