Post Doc

Post Doc/ Visiting Scholar

We want to be a place that helps you succeed as you work long hours on a subject we don’t understand. Below are some activities we think will help you relax and recharge for another hard week.

Dinner in an American Home. One of the best ways to understand American culture is to have dinner in an American home.Email Dave at to sign up or receive more info.

Penn Faculty and Staff Christian Forum. Be part of a weekly forum that discusses the ethical challenges of working at a university with other faculty and staff.

English Class. Allow me to apologize in advance for how quickly Americans talk and for all the slang we use. Check the calendar for a listing of all the free English classes offered in University City.

Bible Study. While in America, we hope that you will get to know the God that loves you and I more than we could imagine. Check the calendar for studies in either Chinese or English.

Trips out of Philadelphia. It is good to get out of the city sometimes. Check the calendar to see where we are heading next!

Airport Pickups. After a long flight, it is good to get a ride to your new place. Let us know if you need a pick up by emailing!

The above are just a sampling. Check out the calendar as well as the grad page

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